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MPATAPO; pronounced: (m-pa-ta-po) A West African symbol meaning knot of reconciliation, peacekeeping and pacification. The bond or knot that binds parties in a dispute to a peaceful, Harmonious reconciliation. It is a symbol of peacemaking after strife.
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Charles Kahalifa King, raised in San Diego since the age nine and is a graduate of Lincoln High School. Kahalifa holds a BA in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and spent 18 years in sales marketing. In 1993, he made a career change to Conflict Resolution and has enjoyed the lessons this change has made in his life. He is a Credentialed Mediator, a Trainer and Facilitator, a Certified Arbitrator, and an Adjunct Professor for both San Diego Community College District and San Diego State University. Kahalifa has earned an MA in Multicultural Counseling in Education and his MS in Marriage and Family Therapy. He has earned many professional certificates and credentials which is a testament to his zeal for learning and constant improvement to serve clients. As a Conflict Resolution Professional, Kahalifa has provided services to local school districts, colleges and universities, and schools in South Africa, S.D. Superior Court, U.S. Postal Service and has served a host of Private Companies. As a Counselor his training and experiences involves a wide range of approaches to counseling when serving his clients which include; youth, adults, couples, family and groups. Kahalifa is particularly focused on male imagery, trauma, and the influence of cultural experiences.
Charles Kahalifa King
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Debra Portee was born and raised in San Diego. She earned her Master’s of Science in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling from the University of Phoenix in 2009. She completed 8 years of college, graduate and post-graduate training as a psychotherapist. She provides individual, family, and marital therapy to the community. Her approach when working with clients is a deep devotion to providing the finest quality of counseling services in a nurturing setting. She focuses on helping individuals who face challenges such as communication problems, depression, anxiety, addiction, infidelity, stress, anxiety, grief, loss, sexuality, relationship issues and more. Using insight and empathy she helps individuals, couples, and families to find resolution and healing through utilizing models such as solution-focused and structural family therapy. Her therapy sessions are collaborative, meaning that respects clients as the ultimate experts in how to actualize their ambitions.
Patricia A. Evans, MA, LMFT, CCDS, CSC, CWTS, M-RAS  Patricia A. Evans is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is also certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors as an NCC ("National Certified Counselor"). She also holds Certification in Co-Occurring Disorders, Women’s Treatment Specialist and is a Master Level Registered Addiction Specialist. Patricia is currently the reigning San Diego County Clinician of the year (2013). Patricia currently is the Mental Health Clinician/Supervisor at Harmonious Solutions Program. Patricia has over 20 years of counseling, industry and private practice experience. She combines her clinical counseling expertise with her business knowledge to offer clients a unique perspective of problem solving.  Patricia’s work is based on the belief that that people want to be happy, effective and successful in their lives and that they have within themselves the resources to achieve these goals. She believes that psychotherapy can help individuals most effectively use their resources to increase self-understanding, to improve decision-making, to solve problems, and to create paths to the lives they want. She offers a compassionate therapeutic approach that includes recognized and accepted psychotherapies, stages of change, Motivational Interviewing training for behavioral changes, as well as Existential Psychotherapy (talk therapy addressing life meaning, goals & choices), Patricia has a MA degree in Counseling Psychology from National University and undergraduate degrees from Springfield College in Human Development and Child Psychology. She has served as a past adjunct faculty member of Antioch University in Seattle Washington and is a member of The American Counseling Association.
Marcia Cheryl Grant Marcia is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is also a San Diego native.  Marcia received her BS in Economics at the University of California at Riverside and then spent over 15 years in finance and banking.  Marcia loved the banking industry but wanted to work with individuals in a more meaningful way.  Subsequently, Marcia completed her MA in Education with an emphasis in multicultural counseling through the Community Based Block (CBB) program at SDSU and her MS in Marriage and Family Therapy at the San Diego State (SDSU).  Marcia enjoys working with diverse populations with respect to age (ages 14 and up) ethnicity and sexual orientation.  Marcia specializes in grief, trauma, life transitions and holistic interventions for improving personal money behaviors.  
Debra Portee Patricia A. Evans Marcia Cheryl Grant
Maria Espinoza, MS, IMF 75086  Maria was born in El Paso, Texas and raised in Las Cruces, New Mexico. She is bilingual in English and Spanish. Maria received her Master of Science in Counseling Marriage, Family and Child Therapy from the University of Phoenix. She continues to be a member of the Alphabeta Honor Society for UOP. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and an Associates of Science degree in Occupational Therapy in addition she is an Ordained Minister.  She has provided counseling in varied socio-economic and multicultural areas. She has worked with adolescents, families, and couples. Maria has also worked in a variety of setting providing therapy to individuals with distinct diagnosis including school age children challenged by behavioral and emotional conditions. Maria beliefs individuals’ posses’ strengths despite life’s struggles when given the opportunity and tools to make changes in his or life whether small or a complete turnaround.
Maria Espinoza Veronica Martin-Parris
Veronica Martin-Parris, LCSW  Veronica Martin- Parris was born in St. Louis Missouri and raised in Blythe, CA.  She has undergraduate degree in Health Science with an Emphasis in Community Health and a Minor in African American Studies.  Mrs. Parris also has a Masters degree in Social Work with a concentration in Administration and Health from San Diego State University.   Veronica Martin-Parris has been a licensed clinical social worker since 2006 and has over 25 years of experience in psychotherapy. This experience includes a combination of both health education and counseling, which utilizes skills in individual, family and group therapy, case management, crisis intervention/suicide intervention, addiction/recovery, disease management, and   health education.   Further, expertise includes psychotherapy, facilitation of education and therapeutic groups which address disease management, substance abuse, anger management, parenting and issues related to child and sexual abuse.
Lynn Lambkins  Lynn Lambkins was born during the heat of the Civil Rights Movement in Los Angeles, where she was also reared and educated.  Her maternal grandmother, “Grammy”, a passionate Southern woman with a sixth grade education, was active in the Civil Rights Movement, Los Angeles Urban League, Operation Bread Basket, and other agencies/organizations that represented the opposed, disenfranchised, the marginalized.  Her grandmother’s example paved the way for Lynn to see that someone has to stand up and speak up for the last, the least, the lonely, the less, and the lost. Grammy also stressed the value of education.  Grammy frequently passed by the University of Southern California (USC) and would tell Lynn, “There go yo’ school.”  One morning, Grammy parked on the street in front of USC, took Lynn by the hand, and walked onto the campus.  Grammy walked Lynn to a building and stood in front of it and said, “One day you will walk into that building as a student at this school.”  That moment resonated in Lynn’s spirit long after Grammy entered the Land of the Ancestors during Lynn’s adolescence. Lynn embraced her grandmother’s spirit of leadership and advocacy as early as 5 years old.  She has held leadership and student government positions from kindergarten to graduate school.  She was selected to serve on the Council of Inner-City Student Leaders, addressed Commissioners of the Los Angeles Board of Education and Los Angeles Board of Supervisors, and was the Commissioner of Communication and Public Relations, and Student Body Vice President all before she was Fast forward to March 1995:  Lynn Lambkins, wife and mother of three, attending Los Angeles Southwest College, received an acceptance letter from the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences at the University of Southern California.  On the first day of the Fall semester, Lynn walked to the steps of the building where she and Grammy stood and stared so many years prior.  Lynn walked up the stairs, open the door, and went inside of the building.  It was Doheny Library and, as homage to Grammy’s faith and dream for Lynn’s destiny, became Lynn’s permanent study stop on the campus. Lynn went on to obtain a dual Bachelor Degree in Sociology with an Emphasis on Social Inequality and Gender Studies.  In 1997, she was accepted to the Master of Social Work program at USC where she took interest in the Children and Families track, with emphases on Public Child Welfare and School Social Work.  Lynn was active in many campus causes, was popular and well-known and respected amongst her classmates who overwhelmingly agreed that Lynn was the candidate to deliver the Valediction for the 2000 commencement. Lynn Lambkins has a passion for the Healing Arts, Social Work, and Psychotherapy.  She has worked as a School Social Worker in Los Angeles and Compton Unified School Districts, and participated in numerous programs on the administrative level with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health for a decade until she relocated to San Diego County in 2011.  Lynn has firmly established herself as a skilled and powerful leader in the Healing Arts community, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Group Facilitator, and Community Organizer.  Her passion for those that are too feeble, weak, or isolated is the driving force for her stability and excellence in the field of Social Work. Lynn knows no strangers and lives to love and embrace humanity.  She is the mother of three adults, grandmother of two, and friend to many.
Lynn Lambkins