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Conflict Resolution (Community Justice Program)
Our approach to conflict enables participants to actively take part in  the outcome of their dispute through mediation.  Mediation is a process in which a third party (neutral) assists conflicting parties to discuss their issues through a guided process. Mediation is a cost effective alternative to high court costs and intervention by law enforcement. Harmonious Solutions Conflict Resolution services include; Family  mediation (parent/child), youth/youth, neighbor/neighbor and organizational/employment disputes provides mediation to address youth, family, neighbor, and organizational disputes. We also offer Large Group Mediation and Community Conferencing (based upon the New Zealand model developed from the Maori Tradition). We provide mediation training to individuals and organizations, we work with schools, law enforcement, organizations and other agencies interested in developing realistic comprehensive approaches to implementing Conflict Resolution strategies that promote Harmonious relationships that is specifically designed for their needs. 
Harmonious Solutions 5106 Federal Blvd Suite 205 San Diego CA 92105 (619) 266-1181
Conflict Resolution